NopCommerce Development

Ella Software designs and develops plugins using NopCommerce architecture to give them the simplicity and adroitness that it needs to support your eCommerce website. Rich in features, our plugins never hinder the NopCommerce core functions or any third party extension integrated to your website that makes future upgradation pretty easy.

For each co-working case, Ella Software provides a dedicated certified nopCommerce developer.

nopcommerce plugin development

We assure you that growth of your webstore will immediately follow the integration of our plugin. When we develop a plugin for our clients, we take care that:

  1. We follow NopCommerce architecture
  2. The module is compatible with third party plugins
  3. We keep HTML/CSS/JS separated
  4. We keep NopCommerce core architecture intact
  5. We provide complete satisfaction to our clients

We build distinctive plugins which gives our customers an unmatched extensibility for their stores.

Sometimes there isn’t an out of the box solution when you are building a new website or adding features to an existing website. At its core nopCommerce is very basic, so to set yourself apart from the competition you may need technology developed just for your business or endeavor.
We give more attention to the details and precisely analyze your plugin requirements to provide solutions that meet your needs.

Your NopCommerce project will follow a workflow process:

  1. Requirement Analysis
    We will discuss detailed features of the plugin and the expectations that needs to be achieved.
  2. Planning
    We will create a comprehensive architecture for the plugin. It must be verified before moving onto the next phase.
  3. Development
    Plugin begins in the development stage. During this time you will have the opportunity to approve the project milestones as the plugin is created.
  4. Testing, bug-fixing and QA
    We will test and fix any problems that are found in plugin, before it is delivered to you. This is also the moment to make any final revisions.
  5. Conclusion & Delivery
    The plugin will be finalized after final approval. Delivery of the plugin includes its installation on your nopCommerce website.

If you are interested in nopCommerce plugin development services please contact us via [email protected].